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Frequently Asked Questions


Can two Click & Go Players watch the same DVD at the same time?

If you have connected 2 Click & Go systems via a Yo-Yo cable you can play DVD on one player and use the other to watch the same DVD. Just switch the player which is used as a monitor into AV IN Mode. Press: MODE on the top --> Select AV IN --> Press OK/Play. Enjoy!

How long is the AVP cable?

The AVP cable is about 3 meters long.

What MPEG4 file formats are supported?

Supports AVI video coded:MSMPEG4V3, XVID, DIVX40, DIVX50. Resolution: below 640x480. Audio codec:mp3, pcm

What is the brightness of the Click7 Series players?

The brightness is 250cd/m2.

What kind of re-chargeable batteries are supported by the players?

We advice you buy re-chargeable Ni-MH batteries. 6 brand new 2300mAH Ni-MH batteries support around 2-hour playback time under middle volume.

Where can I purchase Nextbase accessories and spare parts?

You can purchase our range of product accessories and spares from www.nextbase-accessories.co.uk.


If you have read the above details and are still having problems please contact our technical centre on 02920 866 429 and we'll try to help.

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