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Mirror Dash Cam

The Nextbase Mirror adds a new pioneering and innovative design to the Nextbase Dash Cam range. The Mirror cam attaches to any sized existing rear-view mirror in the vehicle. Using five innovative suction cups, the Mirror can be attached to any sized rear-view mirror and held securely in place using a suction grip onto the existing rear-view mirror. It also features backup strap mounting.  The Mirror has an ultra-lightweight design and is unique in acting as a discreet cam with inbuilt 6G Glass lens recording at full 1080p HD for excellent picture quality.

Record the entire road ahead with a 140° wide viewing angle to capture all of the action. Wide dynamic range image processing ensures clear recordings in bright and dark light.

It has a 4” LED ultra-bright hidden screen invisible when the cam is running, but when accessed it can be used to alter cam settings and playback footage. Use inbuilt Wifi to playback footage quickly and easily on your phone or tablet (Apple or Android operated) using the Cam Viewer app. GPS is used to record location and speed data.

It takes Micro SD Cards up to 128GB (128GB will give approx. 16 hours recording before product loops). It is powered via the 12V power supply and can also be hardwired into your vehicle.


  • Can be attached to any sized rear view mirror, using five innovative suction cups. Backup strap mounting also included
  • Records in full 1080p HD at 30fps
  • 4” LED ultra-bright hidden screen
  • Wifi link to play back footage quickly onto your phone or tablet via the Cam Viewer app (available on Android or IOS)
  • GPS records location and speed data to view your journey on a map
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Wide Dynamic range image processing ensures clear recordings in bright and dark light

RRP: £159.99

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Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam


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Features at a Glance

Screen Size

4" Hidden LED Screen

4” LED ultra-bright screen, which remains invisible when the cam is running, but will allow you to playback footage and alter recording settings when visible.



The device features inbuilt Wi-Fi, allowing you to download footage to a smartphone and share it with friends, family, an insurance firm or the police.

SD Card

Micro SD Slot

Recording the video footage of your journey is very important. With Nextbase, it's a simple case of slotting in a Micro SD card which will capture your footage as you drive.



The G-sensor identifies sharp or unusual movements as a result of an impact. The in car camera then locks that file away so that it cannot be recorded over.



Built-in GPS allows the product to accurately determine your location throughout a journey. This can be vital in the event of an incident.

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