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What is a Dash Cam?

What is a Dash Cam?


A dash cam is a small, windscreen-mounted, in-car camera recording everything in front of the driver. It can be a motorist’s independent witness when involved in an accident, while also saving motorists money on their insurance.

How do dash cams work?

A dash cam is mounted onto the windscreen and records the road when you are driving. It’s powered via the cigarette lighter cable, or can be hardwired into the fuse box. The dash cam starts recording automatically when the ignition key is turned. It records on a continuous loop, with each clip filmed on a short 3 minute segment onto a micro SD card.

Should I get a dash cam?

Yes, it can act as an independent witness in an accident, plus also help save money on your car insurance through certain insurance providers.

Types of dash cams

Nextbase offers a range of award winning dash cams ranging from £49 to £199, with the very latest technologies. There are three types of dash cams:

  • Single Lens

This is mounted to the front windscreen, recording high quality footage from the front of the vehicle. 

  • Dual Lens

Some dash cams like the Nextbase Duo HD have two lenses, one to record the front, the other has a 50m zoom lens to record the rear of the vehicle.

  • Motorbike Dash Cam

Nextbase RIDE is specifically designed for motorbike riders with a RAM mounting system to mount onto any bike

Are dashboard cameras legal in the UK?

Using dash cams in the UK is legal, as long as it does not restrict the drivers view and is not used to intrude upon someone’s privacy. Dash cam footage can be used by the police, insurance companies or a small claims court.

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