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Introducing the most connected Dash Cam in the world!

The 312GW is the dash cam solution for new or experienced motorists who want instant upload capabilities to social media, or their insurer. Market leading thanks to its connective capabilities and ease of use, this new dawn for dash cams simply reinforces Nextbase’s position as the most popular dash cam brand in the UK.


Save money with a
Nextbase Dash Cam

A dash cam is an in car camera that records everything in front of you when driving. It's a true independent witness when involved in a road incident and can even save motorists money on their insurance premiums.


Award-winning Dash Cams

Don't take our word for it - Nextbase has been awarded numerous awards and rave reviews for the quality of its dash cams. The most recent being the Which? Dash cam Best Buy 2015.


Our highest quality Dash Cam

The Nextbase 512G is the worlds first dash cam with an anti glare polarising filter to cut out windscreen reflection and ensure you get the very best footage possible. This is combined with the latest Sony Exmor sensor for ultimate picture clarity.

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Why Have a Dash Cam?

Your independent witness

Thousands of accidents occur on our roads every day. Many are caused by genuine mistakes yet those at fault are not always willing to accept fault. A dash cam records the road ahead and can be the independent witness that saves your no claims discount.

Save money on your insurance

As well as the exclusive Nextbase 20% off an insurance policy, through, motorists who can prove that an incident wasn’t their fault are protected from premium increases and retain their no-claims discount.

Prove fault in an accident

With video footage, you as a motorist can clearly see who was at fault in the incident – whether it was day or night. By doing so, innocent motorists can avoid the heavy cost of split liability claims if it’s your word against the other motorist. The camera is your independent witness!

Protect against fraud

Honest motorists are taking the financial and emotional hit from scams. Nobody wants to be a victim of ‘Crash for cash’ fraud and by having a dash cam, insurance firms and the police can clearly identify if you’ve been targeted.

Compare Nextbase Dash Cams


Picture quality

Night vision

GPS logging

Reflection free


32GB SD card recording time

4hrs 4hrs 4hrs 2hrs 2hrs
RRP £49.99 £69.99 £99.99 £129.99 £149.99
Halfords Fitting

*Fitting provided by Halfords, further details on request

Our Dash Cam Range

nextbase 380 angle view
380GW Dash Cam

The latest Nextbase dash cam developed specifically for daily commercial use. Click here to learn more about the 380GW and its features



The Nextbase Duo HD offers recording at full 1080p on each rotatable lens, all round protection and an enhanced 2.7″ LCD screen with improved user interface.


nextbase 512gw small

The latest Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam provides unbeatable image quality, with all new and improved features, to provide the ultimate Dash Cam experience.


iN-CAR CAM™ 112 Dash Cam

The Nextbase 112 is the latest in premium compact design of Dash Cam, featuring the Click & Go Powered Magnetic Mount, HD recording and a 120° wide-angle.


nextbase 212 dash cam

The Nextbase Dash Cam 212 is one of Nextbase’s first dash cams with its all new and exclusive Click & Go Powered Magnetic Car Mounting system


nextbase 312 dash cam

The world’s first dash cam with inbuilt Wi-Fi to share your footage instantly and the exclusive Click & Go Powered Magnetic Car Mounting system


Nextbase iN-CAR CAM™ 412GW Dash Cam

The Nextbase 412GW pushes the boundaries of what a Dash Cam is capable of, featuring QUAD HD footage delivering stunning image quality.


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